Even with proper maintenance some parts will wear out and others deteriorate with age and exposure to the elements. Timely maintenance can minimize expensive repair bills.

In some cases it might be in your best interest to replace parts when they are not yet failing. An example would be replacing a water pump that is approaching it’s end of reliable service point while doing a timing belt replacement. Both fixes are labour intensive, both replicate many of the same procedures. Water pumps don’t last forever unless they remain in the original box they came in. In many cases, when doing the Timing Chain or Belt, the water pump must also be removed. Doing them at the same time will insure miles of trouble-free driving without doing the same labour twice or risking a failure away from home.

There are other times when a simple cleaning with the appropriate solvent and proper training will fix a hard to diagnose connection problem.

When properly taken care of,  small problems don’t become large problems. If your timing belt is due for replacement, it’s much less expensive to do it now rather than after it fails and causes a MUCH larger repair bill. Likewise the water pump, left long enough, they will fail which could lead to major repairs. Done concurrently with other repairs a future labour expense can be avoided, often at no extra cost than the part itself.

Your car has a friend at Auto Friends Garage. Dave is committed to giving the best possible service and value while providing his customers, his friends, with a safe and reliable vehicle.


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