Free Inspection

We can take a look under the hood

_DSC0124 Autofriends Garage will perform an inspection free of charge when requested to do so, if you click here you can see the Vehicle Inspection form we use.


DSC_1451We are able to diagnose ALL lights that you car displays.  Sometimes it is not a repair, it is an indicator of maintenance or reminds that an important component of your car needs attention. Do you have a light on your dash that you don’t know what it is for?  Give us a call now!

  •  There are many levels of engine (re)builds. From simply refreshing a worn out stock motor to creating solid, reliable, high performance engines, Dave, the owner of AutoFriends Garage, has done it all and is willing to share what he has learned.
  • Getting air and fuel into the engine is where it all begins. Whether carburator or injected, getting air and fuel, properly mixed, into the cylinders is the key. Talk to the specialists at AutoFriends Garage about boosting the volume of air your vehicle can deliver.
  • The more radical the build the more important Compression, Lift, Duration, Overlap, Spring-rate and Timing become. Talk to the performance experts at AutoFriends Garage about your cam, ignition and piston options.
  • Internal combustion engines are basically air pumps. Making more power might simply be a matter of installing a more efficient exhaust system. The experts at AutoFriends Garage can help you decide on the best exhaust system for your needs.
  • Extra torque and horsepower put greatly increased stress on the Drive Train. Don’t let your new motor destroy an inadequate transmission or rear end.
  • Engines purpose-built for Propane can be tuned for economy and/or staggering performance. AutoFriends Garage is also keeping an eye to the future with Liquefied Natural Gas fueled cars becoming viable soon.
  • Don’t forget about the array of chassis and suspension upgrades that can take higher performance to the next level.
  • Today offers many internal and external vehicle upgrades designed to add more power and better drive-ability. You want a good ride that performs to your high expectations, AutoFriends Garage will exceed your expectations. Talk to Dave today about what you want and how to get it.


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Well maintained vehicles will be reliable, trouble free and drive new for longer.

Routine maintenance keeps your car running like new.

Routine maintenance will save you money by preventing major repairs.

Dealer approved services.






Even with proper maintenance some parts will wear out and others deteriorate with age and exposure to the elements. Timely maintenance can minimize expensive repair bills.

In some cases it might be in your best interest to replace parts when they are not yet failing. An example would be replacing a water pump that is approaching it’s end of reliable service point while doing a timing belt replacement. Both fixes are labour intensive, both replicate many of the same procedures. Water pumps don’t last forever unless they remain in the original box they came in. In many cases, when doing the Timing Chain or Belt, the water pump must also be removed. Doing them at the same time will insure miles of trouble-free driving without doing the same labour twice or risking a failure away from home.

There are other times when a simple cleaning with the appropriate solvent and proper training will fix a hard to diagnose connection problem.

When properly taken care of,  small problems don’t become large problems. If your timing belt is due for replacement, it’s much less expensive to do it now rather than after it fails and causes a MUCH larger repair bill. Likewise the water pump, left long enough, they will fail which could lead to major repairs. Done concurrently with other repairs a future labour expense can be avoided, often at no extra cost than the part itself.

Your car has a friend at Auto Friends Garage. Dave is committed to giving the best possible service and value while providing his customers, his friends, with a safe and reliable vehicle.


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Diagnostic Services

Auto Friends Diagnostics will keep your vehicle performing in the best possibe manner.



Today’s computer controlled vehicles performs thousands of diagnostic tests every minute. These tests normally insure proper operation of the on board systems which may include fuel management system A>B>S system charging systems and even transmissions and lots and lot more.When these computers detect a fault it usually results in a warning light. This light might say “check engine,” “service required,” “air bag,” “ABS,” “traction control,” or any number of different symbols.Your Owners Manual will tell you what these symbols mean. It maybe as simple as low fluid (oil etc.) or it may foretell a pending catastrophic failure. Auto Friends has the latest Snap-On® diagnostic tools to find and fix those fault codes.

When your vehicle tells you of a problem, Then it’s time to call your vehicles best friend, Autofriends Garage LTD 604-433-8033

Chassis Upgrades

We can fine-tune your car

Lifting/lowering – Trucks/cars

Is your truck or car not meeting your performance needs whether it is the ETA at the track or Off-Road Readiness?
Then it’s time to call your vehicles best friend, Autofriends Garage LTD 604-433-8033


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F-350  With 5inch lift 10 DSC_1718 F-350  With 5inch lift 9F-350  With 5inch lift 7Front spring hangars F-350  With 5inch lift 8



New spring hangars for a five inch liftF-350  With 5inch lift20F-350  With 5inch lift 13Pre F-350  With 5inch liftF-350  With 5inch lift 5F-350  With 5inch lift 2